Coutellia, Festival international du couteau d’Art et de tradition

In Thiers, France is one of the biggest (and maybe even THE biggest) knifeshows in Europe. Over 230 exhibitors are showing their work, most of them traditional knifemakers. Thiers is the region to be when you are a knifemaker in France, like Seki for Japan, YangJang for China, Solingen for Germany and Maniago for Italy.

In 2020 it will be the 30st anniversary of the festival. 3 days of the most beautiful handmade knives from all kinds. Knifemakers from several countries are exhibiting. Also a few manufacturers.

I exhibited the 2019 show with 2 friends for WE Knife Company. Pretty bold, I think, because the French are very traditional regarding knives and patriottic as well. So when visitors saw the sign behind our table with CHINA, a lot of them passed without giving a look. But, not expected, we got a lot of positive feedback. Lots of visitors handled our knives and without exception, they all were enthusiast about the production quality. I even sold several knives and pens.
Below an impression of the festival, our table and friends.

Bladestock 2019

Being April 25st, only 8 weeks before Bladestock 2019 will be a fact. Bladestock is an awesome European midsummer gathering in The Netherlands in the middle of the woods. Lots of visitors who are into knives (collectors, bushcrafters, survivalists, preppers and so on) are coming to this weekend event to talk, feel, buy, sell, trade knives. Both visitors & exhibitors can camp on the exhibition area. But if you like more luxury, you can always chose one of the hotels in the nearby city of Nunspeet. More info

Exhibitors from several countries attend. Knifemakers, Retailers, Suppliers and all Knife & Gear related sellers and craftsmen will show their products.

In 2018 all volunteers and members of the organisation got a free laser engraved Civivi folding knife.