For Sale: Hogue EX04 Prototype


This variety never made in a production run, being a prototype 1 out of 2. Blade handground by Allen Elishewitz. G10 frame, button lock, 3,5″. Never carried and never used. Great action. Perfectly centered. Just an awesome piece.


See pics and video.

Hogue EX04 Prototype
From 3:05 the Hogue EX04 proto.

For Sale: Hogue EX01

I got the Hogue EX01 4″ variety with G10 scales appr 3 years ago. It was in a bad condition. Action sucked, it had bladeplay and very dirty.
So i gave it some maintenance, tweaked it and afterwards it was like new. It is an awesome user with a fluid action with the button lock. It is in great condition and has a lot of life left. With proper care/maintenance it will last a lifespan.

This is the 4″ variety with 4″ blade. Carried and used but in excellent condition.
Asking €125,- (MSRP > 225,-).

See pic and YT video.

Hogue EX01 from 1:37.

For Sale: Hogue EX02 Hard Use folding knife

The EX02 is a linerlock, where most Hogues are button locks. This is a nice, sturdy and big hard use folding knife (see embedded video).
It is carried a couple of times and it has seen a little use. But overall it is in a great shape and looks like new and there is a lot of lifeleft in this one. In fact, when used and maintained with care, this one will last a lifetime.
There is a small area with some damage/tiny dent on the G10 glassbreaker, see picture.

Action is fine (runs on washers) and centring is okay. No problems at all.

MSRP on the Hogue > 200,-.
Asking € 150,-

Hogue EX02 review

WE Knife Synergy2: 20 year anniversary knife

In 1999 the Speed Tech Synergy won the Most Innovative American Design award. Designed by Jim O’Young, a well know target shooter in competition. The Synergy was its time way ahead, being an integral and build on order and with custom work. Parts were produced by Hogue and the Tanto blades were handground by Allen Elishewitz. Ano work was done by another company I forgot the name. Unfortunately SpeedTech did not survive. The Synergy was simply to expensive for most people and to labour intensive.
Some pictures:

Now, 20 years later, during Blade Show 2019, the Synergy2 will debut. In collaboration with Jim, the designer, we redesigned and improved his design. Now it is a full Titanium integral, framelock and in 5 varieties, being 2 with Tanto blade and 3 with Triling point.
Some pictures:

Hogue EX01

My first experience with Hogue as knifemanufacturer was the EX01 4″ with G10 scales. A button lock designed by Allen Elishewitz. I bought it on the secondary market. The action was gritty, the edge was damaged and there was not a lot to love.

I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. A little lube and all put together. After some tweaking I got a wonderful smooth action without play and completely centered. Now I had a big, sturdy user completely according to my taste in that time. I carried and used it very often and it never disappointed me. Once in a while a little stropping and cleaning was enough to keep it in excellent condition.

Afterwards I bought a few other Hogue designs as well. All were very good. Whenever you have the chance to get one, try one if you like big sturdy hard use knives. The quality is there!

Hogue EX01 4″