Available: GVP Patches

Gudy is a Dutch knifemaker and is in a niche of the knifecommunity well know for his creative, tactical designs, influenced by South-European cultural elements. He is well respected by colleges for his skills and knowledge of materials. On this blog you can find a couple of postings dedicated to him. Besides I can call him a good friend.

For owners and followers/fans of Gudy I still have some patches available. Originally these were €20,-. I can offer them for €15,-.

For Sale: Gudy van Poppel Tactical

This Tactical, a pretty common design among GvP collectors, is a full sized tactical hard use folding knife with a hard detent and full custom made with brown Micarta scales and custom hardware. I can send pictures & dimensions on request. The knife is in excellent condition, never carried or used. Stiff action like most of Gudy his knives. As he sais, I make knives for men and not for pussies!

Do you like the work of Gudy (or Popl Blades)? Then take a look on Knives from Europe.

Asking € 795,-.

Gudy van Poppel Tactical

    Gudy van Poppel & Tashi Bharucha

    These two are made by Gudy van Poppel, Dutch knifemaker. The one on the left is the Gitano.The right one is the Xerxes. This one is kind of special because the blade design is from Tashi Bharucha. Tashi and Gudy are friends. The Xerxes will be available as production knife as well. Probably in the autumn of 2019 it will be available and sold by a new Dutch company Dutch Blade Works. Probably proto’s will be showed during Blade Show 2019. The Xerxes will be produced by WE Knife.