Available: GVP Patches

Gudy is a Dutch knifemaker and is in a niche of the knifecommunity well know for his creative, tactical designs, influenced by South-European cultural elements. He is well respected by colleges for his skills and knowledge of materials. On this blog you can find a couple of postings dedicated to him. Besides I can call him a good friend.

For owners and followers/fans of Gudy I still have some patches available. Originally these were €20,-. I can offer them for €15,-.

Some Benchmades to be expected on my blog

Benchmade is one of my biasses for a long time now. I can not explain why. Benchmade knives are not always made as good as you migh expect based on price. Actually, getting a Benchmade with perfect fit & finish and symetrical cutting edge is quite an happening. But still, I love them. They have a soul & character. And of course, the axis lock is a great locking mechanism. For safety, but also for playfull opening and closing.

Benchmade has a history in doing collaborations ans working on a long term with designers. Though they also have a very good inhouse designteam.

Famous designs are for example from Bob Lum (RIP), Mel Pardue, Warren Osborne (RIP), Shane Sibert, McHenry & Williams, Butch Ball, Mike Snody just to mention a couple and many others. Maybe Osborne was the most famous.

Personally I love the Bob Lum and Warren Osborne designs the most.

I hope you enjoy some pictures of a couple of my collection. These will be on this blog in individual postings in the upcoming weeks. Some maybe for sale. Some will definitely not become available for sale…remember me mentioning my difficulties being in a transition of production towards handmade/custom. Some productions it will be very difficult to part from.

And I got a few as a gift. They will never leave me. If you have questions or want to make me an offer, just feel free to contact me with the contactform which can be found on some pages.

Buck Strider

Two knife companies/manufacturers with a reputation collabrating = Buck Strider. A couple of varieties have been released previous decade. Bringing Strider designs in reach of the common knife buyer, being much more affordable as “real” Striders.

And now, being discontinued since a long time, all wanted by collectors. This one never carried or used. With original box. A sturdy, full sized folding knive with ATS34 bladesteel. Of course heath treated by famous the Paul BOS.

Not really sure if I am willing to let this one go. This is a good example of some production knives I am attached to. Because of history or because of the “soul”. Hard to explain.

Be aware, a lot of clones are circulating, all made in the far east. Be sure, if you can buy one, that your source is trustworthy.

For Sale: S-Tech Rugged Chef

This is a extraordinary sized folding knife or cleaver. Suitable for chopping. In the kitchen but also when camping or in the shop. A beast, big, heavy and fun. Good action. No play. Black coated. In New Condition. Never used or carried. Comes with original pouch. I think hard to find in Europe. I can’t remember how I got it.

Asking € 25,-.

For Sale: Gerber

The Steadfast is a long time running offering from Gerber. It is meant as an all purpose tactical, hunting, edc tool. 6″ blade, stainless beadblasted blade, sheath and softgrip for full control during all kinds of conditions, dry, wet, blood, mud….It serves the purpose very well. Easy to sharpen when you are out in the field.

This one has never seen any use or carry. It has some markings from laying around and handling. The box is available, but the glue didn’t hold up.
I think the Steadfast is discontinued but there is still old stock available with some USA based dealers.

I am asking € 45,-. Originally it was over 85,- in Europe. So a reasonable price I think.

CKF Trekoza

Designed by Alexeye Konygin, produced in China and branded and sold by Custom Knife Factory. The Trekoza is a very special, appealing design. Being a full sized folding knife (8.98″ overall lenght & 4″ blade!) it is suprisingly light because of the heavily milled titanium frame and polycarbon scales. It has a great action, running on bearings and having a perfect dialed in detent.

Later CKF also released Carbon Fiber scales for the Trekoza which could be ordered to “customize” the Trekoza. So I ordered these. So now I own 2 Trekoza’s, one with the original Polycarbon scales and one with Carbon Fiber scales (still have the poly scales as well).

I am not sure if I am willing to let one go. Maybe if I get the right offer. This is part of the current process I am in, transitioning “completely” from production to handmade/custom knives. But some production knives are very hard to part with. I guess this will work out in the end. Though some production knives I can not imagine I will ever sell.

Anyway, I like the Trekoza, though the poly-scales make it an odd one 🙂

Beretta Avenger 2

Designed by Warren Thomas (to his custom design and produced in Japan for Beretta.

Warren is kind of a pioneer experimenting with strange materials and the way he fits them together, like a titanium blade carburized g10 laminated) the Avenger is not been in production very long back in 2004. It was simply to expensive to produce with the VG10 chisel grount blade with a Carbon Fiber laminate. So not many are made. It is an awesome design. And hard to find in you want one. Nice collectorspiece!

Not sure if I am willing to let it go. Maybe if I get a good offering. I lost the box but the knife is never carried or used and in like new condition.

For Sale: Spyderco Khukuri

Discontinued, designed by Ed Schempp, the Khukuri certainly is a piece collectors want to have. This one is never carried or used. Pictures “show” wear on the clip, but this is not the case. Those are reflections. Condition is absolutely MINT, except for one tiny/miniscule spot on the left/end of the clip. Comes in the original box.

If you want one, the right Khukuri is hard to find in mint condition. And sometimes with prices >$350,-.

I am asking € SOLD

For Sale: Jake Hoback Perseverence


This is something special, handmade 6 years ago. And he quit making fixed blades not short after. Now Jake’s focus is on production and folding knives.

With 3V bladesteel, it is undestructable. Acid stonewash. Showing marks from in and out the Kydex sheath. But never used and never carried.

Comes with a lot extra’s: two handmade leather sheaths.

Value (without considering the collectors value) when you had to buy this new, approximately € 700,-.


For Sale: Böker Jahresmesser 2003

This was the first Year Knife (2003) of Böker to produce it with the little shield. It has nice wooden scales (forgot the wood) and 32 layer damascus. It is developping slowly a nice patina. Unfortunately I lost the box.

Great condition, never used, never carried. Great collectorspiece.

Asking € 150,-