For Sale: S-Tech Rugged Chef

This is a extraordinary sized folding knife or cleaver. Suitable for chopping. In the kitchen but also when camping or in the shop. A beast, big, heavy and fun. Good action. No play. Black coated. In New Condition. Never used or carried. Comes with original pouch. I think hard to find in Europe. I can’t remember how I got it.

Asking € 25,-.

For Sale: Mr. Blade Richard

Mr. Blade, a manufacturer from Russia, brings a lot of knife designs, most tactical designs, manufactured in China. Nice budget offerings of a good quality. Very well build. The Richard is a really low budget offering. This one is a flipper on washers, with a weaker detent and not so smooth. But never used or carried it has to wear in. So probably when you use it, it will get better. It’s not horrible as well. But then again, for the money you get a decent user knife.

The MSRP on the Richard is appr €40,-. I am asking 25,-.

Mr. Blade Richard

For Sale: Puma Tech 313910

Never used or carried, the Puma Tech 313910 pocket knife with a kind of hybrid between backlock and window lock. Does remind of the Stiletto in a way and is very traditional build with Deer horn for scales, brass bolsters. Comes in nice presentationbox in mint condition. MSRP is appr 45,-. I am asking € 25,-.

Puma Tech

For Sale: Rike Hummingbird

A cute, tiny folding knife, the Hummingbird just is a show off what Rike can do. With a damascus blade and sheath it is suitable as little neckknife or as bootknife or just to display as collectors item. MSRP on the Hummingbird is >120,-. It is hard to make such a small knife with tight tolerances.

This Hummingbird is never used & carried. I only bought it to see for myself. The condition is mint/pristine. Action is great. No problems, just a very nice cute little folding knife which is made very well.

Asking €95,-.

Rike Hummingbird

Medford Infraction

I am not a great fan of Medford knives. Sure they have a very nice recognisable signature, they are very well build & good quality, but for my personal taste too thick blades and too big & heavy in general. If you are looking for an indestructable knife, Medford should be one to explore.

But today I got a very nice offer of one of our respected club members (Bladestock Brothers). Just prior to the meeting he called me by phone and told me he had his eye on a special knife. So he had to free some funds. Hence he offered me his Medford Infraction for a good price.

The Infraction i not so big & heavy (still 165gr.) as most Medfords I am aware off. It is more friendly sized to my taste. And the blade is not that ridiculously thick (still 4.8mm), has a gorgious two tone finish and a superb hollow grind with a blade of S35VN. And Medford ships his knives in very nice, decent packages.

George Muller custom

George Muller is a custom knifemaker from South Africa (RSA) and known for the use of exotic materials. He makes a wide variety of fixed and folding knives. All have one thing in common: fit & finish.

This one I got a couple months ago. It was offered at a Dutch knifeforum. George Muller not very known in my region, this one was offered very affordable and I could not refuse. Coming with a decent warthog sheath, this one is a real Gentleman’s knife. I like the solution of 3 little studs in the blade as alternative for a nailnick.

Martin Annegarn Custom

Recently I got the Martin Annegarn custom made Special Flipper. This one is made with a Damasteel blade of 100mm (so pretty big) with timascus bolster, mokumai liners and backspacer, marbled carbon fiber scales. Martin made this one on my request, without any directions which materials and design to use. The only thing I told him was my budget. Well he surpised me with this awesome full dressed piece. I love it. It’s on picture with a Lionsteel made Messerunndco special Pen, a simple Pulsar watch and protection slippies for knife & pen, made by my friend Hans.