CKF Trekoza

Designed by Alexeye Konygin, produced in China and branded and sold by Custom Knife Factory. The Trekoza is a very special, appealing design. Being a full sized folding knife (8.98″ overall lenght & 4″ blade!) it is suprisingly light because of the heavily milled titanium frame and polycarbon scales. It has a great action, running on bearings and having a perfect dialed in detent.

Later CKF also released Carbon Fiber scales for the Trekoza which could be ordered to “customize” the Trekoza. So I ordered these. So now I own 2 Trekoza’s, one with the original Polycarbon scales and one with Carbon Fiber scales (still have the poly scales as well).

I am not sure if I am willing to let one go. Maybe if I get the right offer. This is part of the current process I am in, transitioning “completely” from production to handmade/custom knives. But some production knives are very hard to part with. I guess this will work out in the end. Though some production knives I can not imagine I will ever sell.

Anyway, I like the Trekoza, though the poly-scales make it an odd one 🙂

For Sale: CKF Sukhoi 2.0

Never carried, never used, the Sukhoi was made somewhere around 2015. Highly sought after, this is a real collectors item. Long slim folding knife with beautiful details.

No marks
Comes with original Pouch
Well centered
No bladeplay
Great action

Asking €495,-

    For Sale: CKF Sablya

    I think this one was made in 2015 or somewhere around. Highly demanded and sought after folding sword. It is a long slender folder with a persian style recurved blade. This one never used or carried, however it is handled to show and saw some blood as well of people who wanted it to handle and were surprised by its smooth action and drop shut closure. So I tightened the pivot just a little bit so it will not fall free anymore when closing, because of the danger with this very big blade.

    Looking as new
    Well centered
    No bladeplay
    Asking € 695,-. Comes with original pouch.