Buck Strider

Two knife companies/manufacturers with a reputation collabrating = Buck Strider. A couple of varieties have been released previous decade. Bringing Strider designs in reach of the common knife buyer, being much more affordable as “real” Striders.

And now, being discontinued since a long time, all wanted by collectors. This one never carried or used. With original box. A sturdy, full sized folding knive with ATS34 bladesteel. Of course heath treated by famous the Paul BOS.

Not really sure if I am willing to let this one go. This is a good example of some production knives I am attached to. Because of history or because of the “soul”. Hard to explain.

Be aware, a lot of clones are circulating, all made in the far east. Be sure, if you can buy one, that your source is trustworthy.

For Sale: Buck 110 customized

The Buck 110 is famous and many times awarded since it’s release in the 70’s. The first folding knife with backlock or lockback. and still relevant. Over 16 milj samples were sold since it’s introduction back in the 70’s.

And be honest, what is a knifecollection without a Buck 110? At least one variety belongs in a collection.

It has seen many configurations since the introduction. The one offered is a custom production offered on the website of Buck, with S30V blade and Ironwood scales. Never carried, never used or sharpened. MSRP is >120,-.

I am asking € 85,-.

Custom ordered Buck 110

M9 Bajonets

Developped and designed by Charles Finn, the M9 bajonet has written history since 1986. The M9 is the official bajonet for the USA army and has been produced by 5 major companies: Phrobis, Buck, LanCay, Ontario and Tri-Technologies.

I have 2 M9 bajonets in my private collection. This particular Buck was in use by the Dutch army and is stamped with a KL number. If you happen to have a M9 available an willing to sell, please let me know.