WE Knife Specials

Especially for the USN Gathering and Blade Show 2019 WE has made a few specials which only will be available during those shows in a very limited number for each variety (less then 10pcs/variety). Details for these specials I will add later. For now let the pictures speak for themselves.

April releases of WE Knife

Very interesting new releases of WE Knife Company in April 2019. Starting at the top: The Plethiros designed by Elijah Isham for the Civivi subsidary brand, the 037 designed by a young talented designer Kellen Bogardus, the Syncro (a very impressive kwaiken styled integral), the Naja DS (a damascus steel variety of the last year released Civivi Naja) with a pricetag of only $88,- and finally at the botttom the Malice, a collaboration with Ferrum Forge. More info you can get at www.weknife.com or www.weknife-news.com.

Increasing knife restrictions in Europe

Since a couple of years, in general, knife laws are gtting more restrictive within the European Union. This is very threatening and annoying for people like you and me, loving & living their passion for (collecting and using) knives. And a lot of jobs are at stake. So now is the time to unite both industry & community. Just take a look at www.europeanknifeassociation.com for more info about the initiative of a group of worried people (both from knifeindustry and community) to found a Association to defend our rights and start a lobby and educating.

If we do not take action, it is a matter of time before men’s first tool gets banned.

Elijah Isham’s Blackstar

Spring 2018 young knifedesigner Elijah Isham announced his first design to bring to the market under his own brand. Elijah, well known because of some succesfull collaborations with for example Kizer and WE Knife, designed the Blackstar totally different from his previous designs.

The Blackstar is a small slipjoint with clippoint. Available in Green & Black variety. Because the Blackstar was only available at a select group of USA based resellers, I organised a groupbuy for European knifecollectors. This groupbuy itself wass kind of a nightmare. But in the end all participants got their Blackstar.


Gudy van Poppel + WE Knife = Ferox

I feel honoured I can call Gudy van Poppel a dear friend. Gudy is a very talented Dutch knifemaker. He started as blacksmith and learned to forge his own damascus with very nice patterns. He masters every aspect of knifemaking. From fixed, folding, swords, axes and what not. All of his work are expressions of art. Gudy is one of the most creative knifemakers i know in person. So when I managed to introduce Gudy to WE Knife Company and both became enthusiast about the idea to do a collaboration, I really was very happy. First of all because a lot of knife people do not know Gudy and second most people can not afford his work. All handcrafted with hours and hours of chiseling, drilling, polishing and so on, make his knives pretty expensive.

With this collaboration his designs would become available to a larger group of knife collectors/users. Still, a $350,- (that’s the MSRP on the collaboration design) is not affordable to a lot of people,but it is already better then $3000,- for a full dressed custom folder.

The Ferox was announced and introduced during Bladeshow 2018 (USA) and Bladestock 2018 (Europe). But the reason i write this posting, is Gudy decided also to get a small amount of the Ferox (what this collaboration is called!)  for himself. These he offers his customers customized. And last Sunday he showed a couple he had customized as example of what can be done with the Ferox. So here some pictures.

The clips are customized, the frames are heavily skeletonized, filework on the backspacer and he did a chisel pattern on the frames. He has only a very limited number available. Depending on what customization you want, they will cost between $600 and $1100,-. A lot of money, but real pieces of art.

I will take two with me to Bladeshow West october 5-7 2018. They will be available at the WE Knife boot and are for sale.