Jake Hoback 15

Unfortunately Jake doesn’t make these anymore, the A15. The big one of his A series (A8, A10, A15). Impressive hard use folding knife. This one distinguishes itself quite a bit compared to the other A15 samples. Simply love it! With great mechanics, action, fit & finish and so on. If you find one, grab it. Unless you don’t like bold, sturdy hard users. Then you better grab a Mnandi đŸ™‚

Hoback A15

For Sale: Jake Hoback Perseverence


This is something special, handmade 6 years ago. And he quit making fixed blades not short after. Now Jake’s focus is on production and folding knives.

With 3V bladesteel, it is undestructable. Acid stonewash. Showing marks from in and out the Kydex sheath. But never used and never carried.

Comes with a lot extra’s: two handmade leather sheaths.

Value (without considering the collectors value) when you had to buy this new, approximately € 700,-.


André Thorburn one off custom

From South Africa, André Thorburn is in business for a long time now and generally recognised for his craftmanship and nice designs.
Two years ago I got the chance to get me a one off made by him. A button lock from the early 2000’s. The previous owner told me that AndrĂ© had told him never willing to make another because of the work involved.

andre thorburn

In fact it is not a button lock. It is more a liner lock with a button to move the liner outwards to unlock it. The knife is a kind of Gentleman’ish folder with a damascus blade, aluminum bolster and very nice polished wooden scales. Fit & finish is what you can expect from a knifemaker with the reputation and stature AndrĂ© is known for, Opening is done with the thumb studs and closing with the button. Action is very smooth. Below a video I made 2 years ago when I got this piece. Don’t pay attention to my English; I know it isn’t good.

For Sale: Martin Annegarn Big Bowie

This big Bowie folding knife is a full custom made sample with red/brown ish polished Micarta. It is a big knife with clean looks, uncarried and unused. Special on this one is the thumb disk. Most of Martin’s knives are made with frontflipper or studs. Not with a disk.

The knife is in an excellent condition, never carried or used. Has a fluid action; very smooth. I can send pictures on request. More work of Martin, or MAKnives you can find here.

Asking € 795,-.

MA Knives Large Bowie

    For Sale: Gudy van Poppel Tactical

    This Tactical, a pretty common design among GvP collectors, is a full sized tactical hard use folding knife with a hard detent and full custom made with brown Micarta scales and custom hardware. I can send pictures & dimensions on request. The knife is in excellent condition, never carried or used. Stiff action like most of Gudy his knives. As he sais, I make knives for men and not for pussies!

    Do you like the work of Gudy (or Popl Blades)? Then take a look on Knives from Europe.

    Asking € 795,-.

    Gudy van Poppel Tactical

      Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter

      Died in 2013, Phil was generally recognized as a very gifted knife maker. Has also has been awarded as “Best Knife Maker” during his lifetime. He was particularly known for the smooth action of his knives, with which he was ahead of his time. He made his knives with the highest precision possible with excellent fit & finish. His knives are highly appreciated, have a high demand among collectors and highly sought after. So I am proud to own one.

      Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter

      Medford Infraction

      I am not a great fan of Medford knives. Sure they have a very nice recognisable signature, they are very well build & good quality, but for my personal taste too thick blades and too big & heavy in general. If you are looking for an indestructable knife, Medford should be one to explore.

      But today I got a very nice offer of one of our respected club members (Bladestock Brothers). Just prior to the meeting he called me by phone and told me he had his eye on a special knife. So he had to free some funds. Hence he offered me his Medford Infraction for a good price.

      The Infraction i not so big & heavy (still 165gr.) as most Medfords I am aware off. It is more friendly sized to my taste. And the blade is not that ridiculously thick (still 4.8mm), has a gorgious two tone finish and a superb hollow grind with a blade of S35VN. And Medford ships his knives in very nice, decent packages.

      Bowies by Dutch Knifemakers

      In todays posting special attention for two talented Dutch knifemakers. One being a knifemaker for over 40 years and another started just last year, but both approximately the same age.

      Here you can see on the right a Bowie made by Ed de Pauw. Ed started as a young boy making knives. He forges his blades himself. Ed is also co-founder of the Dutch Knife Exhibition and a Randall addict.

      On the left you can see one of the very first knives of Gert van Es. Gert has a very talented son, also knifemaker, Peter van Es. Peter is in business for several years now. And this Bowie shows Peter did get his talent from his father, though Gert started years after his son did. Both being very modest about their talent and skills, they deserve a lot more attention.

      More work of Gert and Peter van Es can be found here.

      George Muller custom

      George Muller is a custom knifemaker from South Africa (RSA) and known for the use of exotic materials. He makes a wide variety of fixed and folding knives. All have one thing in common: fit & finish.

      This one I got a couple months ago. It was offered at a Dutch knifeforum. George Muller not very known in my region, this one was offered very affordable and I could not refuse. Coming with a decent warthog sheath, this one is a real Gentleman’s knife. I like the solution of 3 little studs in the blade as alternative for a nailnick.

      Tamahagane Knives – Zubeng Forge

      Tamahagane Utility Knife by Zubeng Forge (Master Rich Chen) ….

      Recently I had the opportunity to buy 5 of these awesome little fixed blades. My friend Sam, of defcon-usa, always brings, besides his Proelia and Defcon regular models, something special to shows where he exhibits.

      The knives are handforged with hamon from tamahagane steel, which is made by an old Japanse blacksmithing process. by Master Chen.

      Within a couple of hours I could have sold all within our knifegroup. I kept 2 for myself; one with kydex sheet and one with leather sheet. Awesome little edc or kitchen knives. When you have an opportunity, grab one. Only limited available.

      Recently Master Chen changed the logo used on his work. Hence the 2 different logo’s on both.

      See also the dedicated Tahamagane page where you get a good explanation and where you might be able to buy a knife made by Master Chen if available…