Jake Hoback 15

Unfortunately Jake doesn’t make these anymore, the A15. The big one of his A series (A8, A10, A15). Impressive hard use folding knife. This one distinguishes itself quite a bit compared to the other A15 samples. Simply love it! With great mechanics, action, fit & finish and so on. If you find one, grab it. Unless you don’t like bold, sturdy hard users. Then you better grab a Mnandi 🙂

Hoback A15

For Sale: Jake Hoback Perseverence


This is something special, handmade 6 years ago. And he quit making fixed blades not short after. Now Jake’s focus is on production and folding knives.

With 3V bladesteel, it is undestructable. Acid stonewash. Showing marks from in and out the Kydex sheath. But never used and never carried.

Comes with a lot extra’s: two handmade leather sheaths.

Value (without considering the collectors value) when you had to buy this new, approximately € 700,-.


For Sale: Böker Jahresmesser 2003

This was the first Year Knife (2003) of Böker to produce it with the little shield. It has nice wooden scales (forgot the wood) and 32 layer damascus. It is developping slowly a nice patina. Unfortunately I lost the box.

Great condition, never used, never carried. Great collectorspiece.

Asking € 150,-

For Sale: CRK Umnumzaan Tanto

CRK knives, of course, are famous in many ways. First of all, Chris Reeve “invented” the framelock. His Sebenza won several awards. he company got a lot of recognition from both industry and community.

This is the Tanto variety of the Umnumzaan. Never carried, never used. In As New condition. With box and certificate.

Asking € 395,-

For Sale: Cold Steel Immortal

A beast! A real tactical stabber. That’s the only purpose of this well build, sturdy, big knife.

This one (XHP variety) has been carried a few times. Never used (Pfoehhh….luckily…). So when you look carefully, you can see some markings on the clip, but with the proper light and maybe even a magnifier; probably caused by handling and in/out the pouch.

Without box (lost) but with additional value, a handmade, leather beltpouch.

Asking € 165,- including the heavy duty leather beltpouch (value € 95,-).

Cold Steel Immortal

For Sale: Fox Invader

Some people like it. Most people think it is a cheap looking knife. In fact it is a well build tactical knife, designed by Allen Elishewitz. And not cheap at all.

This one is never used or carried and comes with original tin box. MSRP on this one (still available) is 179,-. Streetprice around 135,-

I am asking €95,-.

Fox Invader