George Muller custom

George Muller is a custom knifemaker from South Africa (RSA) and known for the use of exotic materials. He makes a wide variety of fixed and folding knives. All have one thing in common: fit & finish.

This one I got a couple months ago. It was offered at a Dutch knifeforum. George Muller not very known in my region, this one was offered very affordable and I could not refuse. Coming with a decent warthog sheath, this one is a real Gentleman’s knife. I like the solution of 3 little studs in the blade as alternative for a nailnick.

Bladestock 2019

Being April 25st, only 8 weeks before Bladestock 2019 will be a fact. Bladestock is an awesome European midsummer gathering in The Netherlands in the middle of the woods. Lots of visitors who are into knives (collectors, bushcrafters, survivalists, preppers and so on) are coming to this weekend event to talk, feel, buy, sell, trade knives. Both visitors & exhibitors can camp on the exhibition area. But if you like more luxury, you can always chose one of the hotels in the nearby city of Nunspeet. More info

Exhibitors from several countries attend. Knifemakers, Retailers, Suppliers and all Knife & Gear related sellers and craftsmen will show their products.

In 2018 all volunteers and members of the organisation got a free laser engraved Civivi folding knife.

April releases of WE Knife

Very interesting new releases of WE Knife Company in April 2019. Starting at the top: The Plethiros designed by Elijah Isham for the Civivi subsidary brand, the 037 designed by a young talented designer Kellen Bogardus, the Syncro (a very impressive kwaiken styled integral), the Naja DS (a damascus steel variety of the last year released Civivi Naja) with a pricetag of only $88,- and finally at the botttom the Malice, a collaboration with Ferrum Forge. More info you can get at or

Increasing knife restrictions in Europe

Since a couple of years, in general, knife laws are gtting more restrictive within the European Union. This is very threatening and annoying for people like you and me, loving & living their passion for (collecting and using) knives. And a lot of jobs are at stake. So now is the time to unite both industry & community. Just take a look at for more info about the initiative of a group of worried people (both from knifeindustry and community) to found a Association to defend our rights and start a lobby and educating.

If we do not take action, it is a matter of time before men’s first tool gets banned.

Tamahagane Knives – Zubeng Forge

Tamahagane Utility Knife by Zubeng Forge (Master Rich Chen) ….

Recently I had the opportunity to buy 5 of these awesome little fixed blades. My friend Sam, of defcon-usa, always brings, besides his Proelia and Defcon regular models, something special to shows where he exhibits.

The knives are handforged with hamon from tamahagane steel, which is made by an old Japanse blacksmithing process. by Master Chen.

Within a couple of hours I could have sold all within our knifegroup. I kept 2 for myself; one with kydex sheet and one with leather sheet. Awesome little edc or kitchen knives. When you have an opportunity, grab one. Only limited available.

Recently Master Chen changed the logo used on his work. Hence the 2 different logo’s on both.

See also the dedicated Tahamagane page where you get a good explanation and where you might be able to buy a knife made by Master Chen if available…

Navajas Barbudo Blocao

Miguel Angel Gil Garcia (Company name: Navajas Barbudo) is a Spanish knifemaker. The Blocao design comes in several variations. If I remember correct, this is the Nordlingen variety. I ordered this one appr 16 months ago and at the end of march 2019 I received it. It is a big knife with a Spanish Windows lock. Love the design and the materials Miguel used.

Martin Annegarn Frontflipper-with-timascus-and-MOP

This little Award Winning Gentleman’s flipper I purchased from Martin Annegarn after the Dutch Knife Exhibition april 2019. It’s an awesome piece with Mother of Pearl scales, RWL34 blade and Timascus bolster. Being a frontflipper, it flips like a rocket!

Martin (or MAKnives) makes a lot of custom knives. For example slipjoints with Cran Forcé “locking” mechanism. Awesome Gentleman’s knives. Just take a look here to see more.

Gudy van Poppel & Tashi Bharucha

These two are made by Gudy van Poppel, Dutch knifemaker. The one on the left is the Gitano.The right one is the Xerxes. This one is kind of special because the blade design is from Tashi Bharucha. Tashi and Gudy are friends. The Xerxes will be available as production knife as well. Probably in the autumn of 2019 it will be available and sold by a new Dutch company Dutch Blade Works. Probably proto’s will be showed during Blade Show 2019. The Xerxes will be produced by WE Knife.

Production knife: Cheborkov Cobra

I purchased this one during the exhibition in Schaafheim Germany on April 14th 2019. I have a kind of hate-love affair with Cheburkov, a Russian knifecompany. They make really awesome, high end knives. I lik’m very much. But fit & finish is not always what you my expect from a high end >$600 knife. So when you have the possibility just hand pick one.

The Cobra is available in varieties regarding steel: M390 and Vanadis. I chose one with Vanadis. Is is superlight with CF frame with titanium linerlock. I got it from German retailer Tools for Gents.

Martin Annegarn one off Straight Razor

April 13th 2019, the Dutch Knife exhibition. Martin Annegarn, Dutch knifemaker came to me and got me speechless and totally flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say and I continued setting up my table for WE Knife/Civivi. What got me acting this way? He gifted me this Straight Razor, a one of a kind he made years ago. He knew I liked it very much and just by surprise he gave it to me as a present. I certainly do not deserve such a gift!