Bladestock 2019 Annual Knife

WE Knife Company Ltd (with Civivi Knives) is main sponsor of Bladestock, the annual European weekend show/gathering in The Netherlands. Without the help of dozens of volunteers this show is not possible. So since 2018 WE Knife also provides a laser engraved version of one of here lineups for the volunteers.

This years knife is the Civivi Courser, a full sized slender looking folding knife with awesome characteristics, very capable and usefull. Thank you WE Knife & Civivi.

Bladestock Annual Knife 2019

WE Knife Synergy2: 20 year anniversary knife

In 1999 the Speed Tech Synergy won the Most Innovative American Design award. Designed by Jim O’Young, a well know target shooter in competition. The Synergy was its time way ahead, being an integral and build on order and with custom work. Parts were produced by Hogue and the Tanto blades were handground by Allen Elishewitz. Ano work was done by another company I forgot the name. Unfortunately SpeedTech did not survive. The Synergy was simply to expensive for most people and to labour intensive.
Some pictures:

Now, 20 years later, during Blade Show 2019, the Synergy2 will debut. In collaboration with Jim, the designer, we redesigned and improved his design. Now it is a full Titanium integral, framelock and in 5 varieties, being 2 with Tanto blade and 3 with Triling point.
Some pictures:

WE Knife Specials

Especially for the USN Gathering and Blade Show 2019 WE has made a few specials which only will be available during those shows in a very limited number for each variety (less then 10pcs/variety). Details for these specials I will add later. For now let the pictures speak for themselves.

April releases of WE Knife

Very interesting new releases of WE Knife Company in April 2019. Starting at the top: The Plethiros designed by Elijah Isham for the Civivi subsidary brand, the 037 designed by a young talented designer Kellen Bogardus, the Syncro (a very impressive kwaiken styled integral), the Naja DS (a damascus steel variety of the last year released Civivi Naja) with a pricetag of only $88,- and finally at the botttom the Malice, a collaboration with Ferrum Forge. More info you can get at or