For Sale: Gerber

The Steadfast is a long time running offering from Gerber. It is meant as an all purpose tactical, hunting, edc tool. 6″ blade, stainless beadblasted blade, sheath and softgrip for full control during all kinds of conditions, dry, wet, blood, mud….It serves the purpose very well. Easy to sharpen when you are out in the field.

This one has never seen any use or carry. It has some markings from laying around and handling. The box is available, but the glue didn’t hold up.
I think the Steadfast is discontinued but there is still old stock available with some USA based dealers.

I am asking € 45,-. Originally it was over 85,- in Europe. So a reasonable price I think.

For Sale: Cold Steel Immortal

A beast! A real tactical stabber. That’s the only purpose of this well build, sturdy, big knife.

This one (XHP variety) has been carried a few times. Never used (Pfoehhh….luckily…). So when you look carefully, you can see some markings on the clip, but with the proper light and maybe even a magnifier; probably caused by handling and in/out the pouch.

Without box (lost) but with additional value, a handmade, leather beltpouch.

Asking € 165,- including the heavy duty leather beltpouch (value € 95,-).

Cold Steel Immortal

For Sale: Fox Invader

Some people like it. Most people think it is a cheap looking knife. In fact it is a well build tactical knife, designed by Allen Elishewitz. And not cheap at all.

This one is never used or carried and comes with original tin box. MSRP on this one (still available) is 179,-. Streetprice around 135,-

I am asking €95,-.

Fox Invader

For Sale: Gerber Gator

The Gator is a pretty famous design of Gerber. Even an award winning design back in the 80’s or 90’s; I forgot. With a rubberized handle, making it very convenient for wet and slippery conditions. It was released as hunting knife.

This one is used a little and carried around. You can see usermarks on both blade and handle. But there is plenty life left in the Gator for those who are looking for a nice budget, no nonsense offering as companion during fishing, hunting or whatever. Everything functions like the way it was when I bought it, I think 15 years ago.

I am asking € 25,-.

For Sale: Mr. Blade Richard

Mr. Blade, a manufacturer from Russia, brings a lot of knife designs, most tactical designs, manufactured in China. Nice budget offerings of a good quality. Very well build. The Richard is a really low budget offering. This one is a flipper on washers, with a weaker detent and not so smooth. But never used or carried it has to wear in. So probably when you use it, it will get better. It’s not horrible as well. But then again, for the money you get a decent user knife.

The MSRP on the Richard is appr €40,-. I am asking 25,-.

Mr. Blade Richard

For Sale: Puma Tech 313910

Never used or carried, the Puma Tech 313910 pocket knife with a kind of hybrid between backlock and window lock. Does remind of the Stiletto in a way and is very traditional build with Deer horn for scales, brass bolsters. Comes in nice presentationbox in mint condition. MSRP is appr 45,-. I am asking € 25,-.

Puma Tech

For Sale: Wenger Evolution

I really don’t know which variety, but it has appr 15 or 16 tools. Compass doesn’t work. Tooth pick probably fall out somewhere. It is a thick fatass tool. The time I bought it, several year ago, It cost appr around € 130,-. Never used and never carried. Some marks probably from laying around.

I am asking €50,-.

For Sale: Kershaw Ruby 4040 Anniversary knife

After the introduction the Ruby 4040 40 years anniversary knife of Kershaw was sold out in just minutes. It is a full sized high end folding knife with a DLC coated ZDP-189 blade and a lot of awesome details. Great action, very well centered, never carried, never used. It is flipped a couple of times. With original package. Hard to find. A real collectors item showing off what Kershaw was capable of.

I am asking €450,-

Kershaw 4040 Ruby

For Sale: Rike Hummingbird

A cute, tiny folding knife, the Hummingbird just is a show off what Rike can do. With a damascus blade and sheath it is suitable as little neckknife or as bootknife or just to display as collectors item. MSRP on the Hummingbird is >120,-. It is hard to make such a small knife with tight tolerances.

This Hummingbird is never used & carried. I only bought it to see for myself. The condition is mint/pristine. Action is great. No problems, just a very nice cute little folding knife which is made very well.

Asking €95,-.

Rike Hummingbird

Bowies by Dutch Knifemakers

In todays posting special attention for two talented Dutch knifemakers. One being a knifemaker for over 40 years and another started just last year, but both approximately the same age.

Here you can see on the right a Bowie made by Ed de Pauw. Ed started as a young boy making knives. He forges his blades himself. Ed is also co-founder of the Dutch Knife Exhibition and a Randall addict.

On the left you can see one of the very first knives of Gert van Es. Gert has a very talented son, also knifemaker, Peter van Es. Peter is in business for several years now. And this Bowie shows Peter did get his talent from his father, though Gert started years after his son did. Both being very modest about their talent and skills, they deserve a lot more attention.

More work of Gert and Peter van Es can be found here.