For Sale: Gerber

The Steadfast is a long time running offering from Gerber. It is meant as an all purpose tactical, hunting, edc tool. 6″ blade, stainless beadblasted blade, sheath and softgrip for full control during all kinds of conditions, dry, wet, blood, mud….It serves the purpose very well. Easy to sharpen when you are out in the field.

This one has never seen any use or carry. It has some markings from laying around and handling. The box is available, but the glue didn’t hold up.
I think the Steadfast is discontinued but there is still old stock available with some USA based dealers.

I am asking € 45,-. Originally it was over 85,- in Europe. So a reasonable price I think.

For Sale: Gerber Gator

The Gator is a pretty famous design of Gerber. Even an award winning design back in the 80’s or 90’s; I forgot. With a rubberized handle, making it very convenient for wet and slippery conditions. It was released as hunting knife.

This one is used a little and carried around. You can see usermarks on both blade and handle. But there is plenty life left in the Gator for those who are looking for a nice budget, no nonsense offering as companion during fishing, hunting or whatever. Everything functions like the way it was when I bought it, I think 15 years ago.

I am asking € 25,-.