For Sale: Cold Steel Immortal

A beast! A real tactical stabber. That’s the only purpose of this well build, sturdy, big knife.

This one (XHP variety) has been carried a few times. Never used (Pfoehhh….luckily…). So when you look carefully, you can see some markings on the clip, but with the proper light and maybe even a magnifier; probably caused by handling and in/out the pouch.

Without box (lost) but with additional value, a handmade, leather beltpouch.

Asking € 165,- including the heavy duty leather beltpouch (value € 95,-).

Cold Steel Immortal

For Sale: Eickhorn Pohl Force Two

This is an oldie but never used. The Pohl Two, a fixed variety of the original Pohl One, designed by Dietmar Pohl.
You can still find some old stock, but all > 250,-.

A real collectors item with K110 bladesteel, G10 Sheath and Belt Clip attachment. Never used, never carried, never sharpened. But it has some marks from laying in the drawer and handling, in and out the Kydex sheath.

But also very capable if you are looking for a hard use fixed blade with characteristics from the past.

Asking € 225,-.