Buck Strider

Two knife companies/manufacturers with a reputation collabrating = Buck Strider. A couple of varieties have been released previous decade. Bringing Strider designs in reach of the common knife buyer, being much more affordable as “real” Striders.

And now, being discontinued since a long time, all wanted by collectors. This one never carried or used. With original box. A sturdy, full sized folding knive with ATS34 bladesteel. Of course heath treated by famous the Paul BOS.

Not really sure if I am willing to let this one go. This is a good example of some production knives I am attached to. Because of history or because of the “soul”. Hard to explain.

Be aware, a lot of clones are circulating, all made in the far east. Be sure, if you can buy one, that your source is trustworthy.

For Sale: Lonewolf Trask

Lonewolf produced some nice and good quality knives till Benchmade bought the company in the early 2000’s. In fact they killed the company.

Here a couple of nice Lonewolf Trask samples for sale. Both with partially serrated blade and walnut handle. Linerlock, running on washers and great action. Never carried or used. One is a more lighter brown and the other more a darker brown.

Asking € 75,-/pcs. Both for € 140,-.

See pictures and the embedded video for a little history/background info about Lonewolf.

André Thorburn one off custom

From South Africa, André Thorburn is in business for a long time now and generally recognised for his craftmanship and nice designs.
Two years ago I got the chance to get me a one off made by him. A button lock from the early 2000’s. The previous owner told me that André had told him never willing to make another because of the work involved.

andre thorburn

In fact it is not a button lock. It is more a liner lock with a button to move the liner outwards to unlock it. The knife is a kind of Gentleman’ish folder with a damascus blade, aluminum bolster and very nice polished wooden scales. Fit & finish is what you can expect from a knifemaker with the reputation and stature André is known for, Opening is done with the thumb studs and closing with the button. Action is very smooth. Below a video I made 2 years ago when I got this piece. Don’t pay attention to my English; I know it isn’t good.

For Sale: Gudy van Poppel Tactical

This Tactical, a pretty common design among GvP collectors, is a full sized tactical hard use folding knife with a hard detent and full custom made with brown Micarta scales and custom hardware. I can send pictures & dimensions on request. The knife is in excellent condition, never carried or used. Stiff action like most of Gudy his knives. As he sais, I make knives for men and not for pussies!

Do you like the work of Gudy (or Popl Blades)? Then take a look on Knives from Europe.

Asking € 795,-.

Gudy van Poppel Tactical

    For Sale: CKF Sukhoi 2.0

    Never carried, never used, the Sukhoi was made somewhere around 2015. Highly sought after, this is a real collectors item. Long slim folding knife with beautiful details.

    No marks
    Comes with original Pouch
    Well centered
    No bladeplay
    Great action

    Asking €495,-

      Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter

      Died in 2013, Phil was generally recognized as a very gifted knife maker. Has also has been awarded as “Best Knife Maker” during his lifetime. He was particularly known for the smooth action of his knives, with which he was ahead of his time. He made his knives with the highest precision possible with excellent fit & finish. His knives are highly appreciated, have a high demand among collectors and highly sought after. So I am proud to own one.

      Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter