About Me

My name is Henk and i am from The Netherlands. A couple of years back i got pretty ill, Lyme Disease. The course of the disease was pretty progressive with a lot of inconveniences. I was no longer able to work and even household chores were a torture. Sometimes i had some time during the day I felt a little better. To drive away boredom, I started making video’s of my knifecollection and uploaded them on Youtube. And so it started: I got more involved in the knife community and ended working in the knife industry. And i was very very lucky. I met a medical doctor who gave me the right treatment with medication. Approximately one and a half year after  being treated with this medication, i got better and better. Every day I gained more energy and strength. And the WE Knife Company crossed my path. Being happy with one of my video’s about their first 2 designs, they started to asked me questions about several subjects. Me getting more energy and stamina, helped them out on several subjects. Because they were satisfied by me helping them out, finally they asked me to help them on a structural basis. And then it really started. I did a lot of representative work for a couple of companies and I have a vast (international) network of recognised people in the industry as well as the community.

Because i traded and bought a lot of knives while i was ill, i also had to sell knives. And so i met a lot of people. And knife people are pretty awesome. So a lot of them became friends. WHile feeling better and more energetic, i started to organise monthly meetings for my friends. I also started recording this meetings. This was the initial fase of our current monthly buddy meetings in our own clubhouse in Zwolle, The Netherlands, called Bladestock Brothers. More about this subject under Knife Community.

During this monthly meetings in my living room, I came up with the idea of doing an annual weekend show in The Netherlands. Immediately a couple of my friends became enthusiast about this idea and so Bladestock was born. (The name was the result of a contest on Youtube. André from Germany came up with the name.) More about this subject under Knife Community.

Now these days i am pretty busy. Involved in a lot of initiatives regarding knives. I founded my own company to support the knife industry with affordable marketing strategies. And I founded a new knife platform where rich content about knives, meets demand & supply.

No time anymore for Youtube, unfortunately! But lots of knives. And i want to share what i have with you. And maybe do a trade. And i have some knives for sale. Being a collector, a collection evolves and interest will shift. So always knives for sale or for trade. Though lately i prefer to sell because my house is too small to store more knives. Unfortunately!