For Sale: CKF Sukhoi 2.0

Never carried, never used, the Sukhoi was made somewhere around 2015. Highly sought after, this is a real collectors item. Long slim folding knife with beautiful details.

No marks
Comes with original Pouch
Well centered
No bladeplay
Great action

Asking €495,-

For Sale: CKF Sablya

I think this one was made in 2015 or somewhere around. Highly demanded and sought after folding sword. It is a long slender folder with a persian style recurved blade. This one never used or carried, however it is handled to show and saw some blood as well of people who wanted it to handle and were surprised by its smooth action and drop shut closure. So I tightened the pivot just a little bit so it will not fall free anymore when closing, because of the danger with this very big blade.

Looking as new
Well centered
No bladeplay
Asking € 695,-. Comes with original pouch.

Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter

Died in 2013, Phil was generally recognized as a very gifted knife maker. Has also has been awarded as “Best Knife Maker” during his lifetime. He was particularly known for the smooth action of his knives, with which he was ahead of his time. He made his knives with the highest precision possible with excellent fit & finish. His knives are highly appreciated, have a high demand among collectors and highly sought after. So I am proud to own one.

Phil Boguszewski Custom PF-6 Lockback Fighter

Hogue EX01

My first experience with Hogue as knifemanufacturer was the EX01 4″ with G10 scales. A button lock designed by Allen Elishewitz. I bought it on the secondary market. The action was gritty, the edge was damaged and there was not a lot to love.

I took it apart and cleaned it thoroughly. A little lube and all put together. After some tweaking I got a wonderful smooth action without play and completely centered. Now I had a big, sturdy user completely according to my taste in that time. I carried and used it very often and it never disappointed me. Once in a while a little stropping and cleaning was enough to keep it in excellent condition.

Afterwards I bought a few other Hogue designs as well. All were very good. Whenever you have the chance to get one, try one if you like big sturdy hard use knives. The quality is there!

Hogue EX01 4″

Coutellia, Festival international du couteau d’Art et de tradition

In Thiers, France is one of the biggest (and maybe even THE biggest) knifeshows in Europe. Over 230 exhibitors are showing their work, most of them traditional knifemakers. Thiers is the region to be when you are a knifemaker in France, like Seki for Japan, YangJang for China, Solingen for Germany and Maniago for Italy.

In 2020 it will be the 30st anniversary of the festival. 3 days of the most beautiful handmade knives from all kinds. Knifemakers from several countries are exhibiting. Also a few manufacturers.

I exhibited the 2019 show with 2 friends for WE Knife Company. Pretty bold, I think, because the French are very traditional regarding knives and patriottic as well. So when visitors saw the sign behind our table with CHINA, a lot of them passed without giving a look. But, not expected, we got a lot of positive feedback. Lots of visitors handled our knives and without exception, they all were enthusiast about the production quality. I even sold several knives and pens.
Below an impression of the festival, our table and friends.

M9 Bajonets

Developped and designed by Charles Finn, the M9 bajonet has written history since 1986. The M9 is the official bajonet for the USA army and has been produced by 5 major companies: Phrobis, Buck, LanCay, Ontario and Tri-Technologies.

I have 2 M9 bajonets in my private collection. This particular Buck was in use by the Dutch army and is stamped with a KL number. If you happen to have a M9 available an willing to sell, please let me know.

Medford Infraction

I am not a great fan of Medford knives. Sure they have a very nice recognisable signature, they are very well build & good quality, but for my personal taste too thick blades and too big & heavy in general. If you are looking for an indestructable knife, Medford should be one to explore.

But today I got a very nice offer of one of our respected club members (Bladestock Brothers). Just prior to the meeting he called me by phone and told me he had his eye on a special knife. So he had to free some funds. Hence he offered me his Medford Infraction for a good price.

The Infraction i not so big & heavy (still 165gr.) as most Medfords I am aware off. It is more friendly sized to my taste. And the blade is not that ridiculously thick (still 4.8mm), has a gorgious two tone finish and a superb hollow grind with a blade of S35VN. And Medford ships his knives in very nice, decent packages.

Bowies by Dutch Knifemakers

In todays posting special attention for two talented Dutch knifemakers. One being a knifemaker for over 40 years and another started just last year, but both approximately the same age.

Here you can see on the right a Bowie made by Ed de Pauw. Ed started as a young boy making knives. He forges his blades himself. Ed is also co-founder of the Dutch Knife Exhibition and a Randall addict.

On the left you can see one of the very first knives of Gert van Es. Gert has a very talented son, also knifemaker, Peter van Es. Peter is in business for several years now. And this Bowie shows Peter did get his talent from his father, though Gert started years after his son did. Both being very modest about their talent and skills, they deserve a lot more attention.

More work of Gert and Peter van Es can be found here.